iPhone 12 Mini/Pro/Max

Screen Protector

XDR™ Sapphire Crystal Technology
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iPhone 12 / MINI / PRO / MAX

Premium Luxury

Protect your iPhone 12 screen with the worlds most advanced screen protector. Engineered with premium Sapphire crystal-glass for Ultra-HD Clarity and unparalleled protection.



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Super Retina XDR Certified

The Extreme™ Sapphire-Crystal Protector is specifically engineered for the iPhone 12 XDR Display and features PureVision™ Technology for 100% clarity.


Advanced Protection

The Sapphire injected crystal glass undergoes an advanced Ion-Exchange tempering process which increases the surface tension of the iPhone 12 Mini/Pro/Max screen protector making it stronger and more scratch-resistant. This is our strongest glass screen protection ever.


Enhanced Touch Response

The premium sapphire infused crystal is engineered with an advanced cutting process and high-density ionised finish for 100% touch responsivness with the iPhone 12 XDR display. We use high-quality tempered glass that looks as smooth and glossy as it feels—just like the iPhone 12 screen.

Anti-microbial Technology

The Extreme™ iPhone 12 Screen Protector features anti-microbial technology that kills 99.99% of surface bacteria on your screen. This is acomplished by a uniqe manufacturing process that infuses charged silver ions into the sapphire glass itself.

Anti-Fingerprint Technology

NEO-CRYSTAL™ technology is a unique surface treatment—used exclusively by the Extreme™ Sapphire Crystal Screen Protector that removes stains and fingerprints from the screen.



Screen Protector


Extreme™ Pushes the boundaries of Technology With the worlds first diamond cut Sapphire Injected Crystal-Glass. Precision fit with 8x greater scratch resistance than the leading glass alternative, Extreme™ engineering innovation delivers a iPhone 12 Mini/Pro/Max edge-to-edge screen protector with STATE-OF-THE-ART performance.


3D/Haptic Touch compatible

The High-Performance iPhone 12 screen protector undergoes a uniqe ion-exchange tempering process which provides ultra high sensitive responsivity and is Apple 3D/Haptic Touch compatible with 100% no lag.