iPhone 13 – MINI – PRO – MAX


High-Performance Aviation Grade Armoured Case for Apple iPhone 13 MINI/PRO/MAX



The Extreme Titan Edition™ iPhone 13 Mini/Pro/Max Case combines Award Winning design with High-Performance Technology. Engineered with Aviation Grade Materials and our innovative NEO-G13™ Architecture for advanced WaterProof – ShockProof and Impact-Resistant protection.


Super Retina XDR Certified

The Titan Edition™ features a built-in Sapphire-Crystal injected screen protector which is specifically engineered for the iPhone 13 XDR Display and features PureVision™ Technology for 100% clarity.


Advanced Architecture

The Titan Edition™ iPhone 13 Case features our new multi-layer NEO-G13™ Architecture for Advanced Impact-Proof and Water-Resistant Protection. The innovative internal Shock-Proof structure features Comb-Flex™ Technology and is also compatible with High-Speed Wireless Charging.

Titan Edition is

Neo Technology

The signature armoured structure of the Titan Edition™ conveys strength, power and luxury. Beyond Aesthetics, the striking Architecture features Neo-Wave™ Technology for enhanced antenna performance of the device.

Titan Edition is

cutting Edge

The cutting edge Aerodynamic architecture provides unparalleled cooling performance and allows the bumper to distribute heat away from the iphone 13 more rapidly.

Enhanced Tactile Buttons

The iPhone 13 case features ultra responsive premium Tactile-Click™ buttons for quick and easy use of volume and on/off functions. The case also features a innovative re-mapped vertical mute-switch for smooth access to the volume-mute control.

SUPER-GRIP™ Technology

Engineered with the same traction-control technology as the tyres used in GT Motorsport, Our Super-Grip™ Technology surrounds the frame of the iPhone 13 case for maximum comfort and unparalleled Shock-Proof protection.

Advanced Impact Protection

Deflecting damage never looked so good. The Titan Edition™ merges advanced impact protection with modern styling for a case that transcends definition. GEL-TX® Technology absorbs and dissipates the energy from impacts to ensure the iPhone 13 is protected in the harshest of environments.



Extreme™ Pushes the boundaries of Technology With the worlds first Sapphire Injected Crystal-Protector. Precision engineered with 8x greater scratch resistance than the leading alternative, Extreme™ engineering innovation delivers a built-in iPhone 13 Pro/Max edge-to-edge screen protector with STATE-OF-THE-ART performance.

Titan Edition is

Pro-Stereo™ Architecture

The Titan-Edition™ features our new patented Pro-Stereo™ Architecture which remaps the audio to unleash the full potential of the iPhone 13 speakers so you can experience the true detail and emotional impact of every song as the artist intended.

Titan Edition is


Built with top quality premium materials the Titan Edition™ is the all-terrain phone 13 case. Ready to roam It’s Innovation engineered multi-layer construction allows you to have true freedom and no worries about the protection of your device.